Daughter Of The Land

Daughter of the Land was created with intention and purpose when founder Ashley Spierer came to the realization that “skincare as she knew it was, in fact, bananas.”

It’s a story we are all too familiar with - realizing that the products we put on our skin contain harmful chemicals, and are packaged in materials that are damaging to our health and to our planet.

Daughter Of The Land creates beautiful highly-effective, multi-functional organic skincare with the lowest possible impact on the environment. Their gorgeous ecofriendly packaging is fully biodegradable and recyclable. They make their products with strictly organic and fair trade certified (where applicable) ingredients - if an ingredient isn't available organically grown they revise their formulation with something that is - as nature provides us with an endless bounty of healing possibilities.

They respect their customers, and take care of our planet, and will never compromise.

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