Lightable Latkes
Lightable Latkes
Lightable Latkes


Lightable Latkes

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To make it smell like you're frying latkes, especially if you aren’t frying latkes.

Top Notes • Potato / Etrog

Heart Notes • Black Pepper / Olive

Base Notes • Peanut Oil / Assorted Tubers

The scent of Chanukah is the scent of frying latkes. This candle smells like a real deal Holyfield potato in all its earthen glory. As the candle burns, it starts to smell cooked—in an agreeable way. Like the fanciest latke frying in a background of verdant olive & peanut oil (a special recipe!). - D.S.

Available for a limited time only, while supplies last. D.S. & DURGA holiday candles are FINAL SALE.