Activist Raw Mānuka Honey is wildcrafted in Aotearoa, New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native Mānuka Bush during a short seasonal window in the spring and summer. Mānuka Honey is a beautiful and rare resource with considerably higher levels of enzymes and antibacterial properties than found in other honey. It is truly one of Mother Nature's special gifts. Activist Mānuka Honey is produced in small batches and independently tested and certified in New Zealand using the Methylglyoxal (MGO) grading system, which verifies that the Mānuka honey you are buying is authentic.

Activist is a family owned and operated company based between California and New Zealand. Their involvement is far-reaching: from establishing relationships with their bee-keepers (they even go surfing together) to product innovation, while building relationships with their customers. Activist believes in nurturing and celebrating the craft of bee-keeping and the special resource of Mānuka Honey in native New Zealand.