The Clean Swap 

You want to make the switch to natural beauty products, but have no idea where to start! Maybe you love the textures and actives in your conventional skin care and makeup, but want to use products that are better for your body and for our environment. Our experts will guide you in swapping out your existing beauty products for Beauty Muse approved products that will help you reach your skin care goals.

Available in-store or virtually - appointment recommended


The Consultation 

After completing a thorough consultation form, our experts will weigh in on which skin care products are right for your skin, what’s not working, and which products you’ll want to add to improve your skin condition and work towards any skin health goals you may have. We will request photos of your skin, in addition to the skin care consultation form.

Consultations are done virtually, but we are also happy to see you in-store by request. 

$50, fully redeemable in a post consultation product purchase

All reservations are secured with a credit card. Cancellations require 24 hours notice to avoid being charged the full price of your scheduled service.