ORRIS was founded in Paris by Kenneth Koo and Lani Le Berre with a vision to elevate a simple bar of soap into a luxurious and sensorial cleansing experience. Made with the highest quality plant derived ingredients, ORRIS products are designed to appeal to the senses: sight, smell, and touch.

The word ‘ORRIS’ refers to the fragrant rootstock of the Iris flower. The friends were taken by this name due to its rich history of being used as medicine and in perfumery to anchor scents. This herbal ingredient was quite symbolic to them: its association to the ephemeral flower and its healing properties. ‘ORRIS’ came to embody their vision for the brand: innovating through the reinterpretation of tradition and drawing inspiration from Nature.

The brand’s ethos is to use the highest quality botanical actives to craft a line of multipurpose and effective skincare products. They believe cleansing is an integral part of any skincare regiment and should be a luxurious and indulgent experience.