D.S. & DURGA was founded in 2009 by a musician and an architect. They started from scratch and did it “our way” (more Sid than Sinatra). They were pioneers in DIY Brooklyn. They began by turning things they loved into scented stories of cowboys, open terrain, Russian novel characters, and folk songs.

A scent is a world you can return to over and over again - a keyhole into far off places - material and imaginary.

D.S. is the perfumer. He taught himself how to make perfume by immersing himself in all things fragrant. Each scent is conceived and constructed by D.S. with no middleman or interpretation from an outside perfumer.

Kavi (A.K.A. DURGA) designs everything. She approaches her work like an architect - her trade by training. She builds buildings for their scents, cities for their universe.

New York City. Everything is made in the belly of the beast. NYC has shaped their lives and their vision of the world. It’s in their DNA. 

They do it the only way they know how. They taught themselves as they went. Ups and downs and around the world, this is their inimitable path.