CAP Beauty

CAP Beauty began as a trail-blazing clean beauty retail store in Manhattan’s West Village.

After receiving a diagnosis that changed her health, founder Kerrilynn Pamer set out to heal her body by changing her diet, lifestyle and the products she used on her skin. And the effect was profound. She chose products formulated with the only the highest quality botanicals. Until then, plants were considered the inferior option; what you would turn to if you weren’t concerned with results and efficacy. But Kerrilynn found this to be entirely untrue. It was actually the inclusion of plants that finally improved her health.

There was no denying that botanicals worked, and Kerrilynn realized that she wasn’t the only one longing for this paradigm shift. In 2015, CAP Beauty opened its doors. Over the last decade CAP has evolved, morphed and transformed.  And while the brick-and-mortar store is no longer open in New York City - a new project was blossoming. Marrying her passion for education, plants and formulation Pamer has begun developing her own CAP line of products - to nurture the mind, body and spirit.