Ere Perez

The Ere Perez brand is the alchemy of Australia’s bountiful nature and eco lifestyle, with a dash of rich Mexican color and vibrant culture.

There is something special about Ere Perez. Perhaps it is the mystical influence of her Latin heritage. A childhood spent in Mexico with a traditional medicine man grandfather and a mother with a flair for home remedies & beauty recipes, made Ere curious about nature and healing. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and certifications in naturopathy, Bach flowers and acupuncture.

Based on science and the power of plants & other botanicals. Ere Perez creates innovative makeup and skincare for those seeking minimal, ethical and healthy beauty products. The brand’s formulas feature unique superfood ingredients selected for their performance and skin revitalizing properties. 

Twenty years of experience makes Ere Perez a trusted leader in delivering clean beauty. They are known for stellar formulas and multitasking creations. They celebrate the beauty you were born with.