Classic Slant Tweezer


Classic Slant Tweezer

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Rubis Classic Slant Tweezers are the ideal shape for tweezing and removing ingrown hairs. They are the preferred tweezer of many professional makeup artists - including Dana herself - who has been using Rubis tweezers exclusively for years.

Rubis believes that there are three design elements that characterize the best tweezers “The perfect closing of the tips, their precise edges, and an arm tension that, when squeezing the tweezers, offers gentle, flexible resistance.” These qualities can only be achieved by using the highest quality steel. Due to the care and precision of their manufacture these tweezers will retain their perfect shape and exceptional functionality for many years. Rubis tweezers have been honored internationally with numerous renowned awards for their outstanding design.


100% surgical steel

Recommended Use

A celebrated, “Best of Boston”, brow artist, Dana recommends working slowly when tweezing. Make sure you have the hair firmly gripped in the tweezer, and that you are removing the hair in the same direction that it grows, to avoid breaking the hair and creating ingrowns.